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International Conferences & Exhibitions LLC

As one of the longest standing international exhibition houses in the region, International Conferences & Exhibitions LLC (IC&E) has developed over 30 years worth of insights into markets in the Middle East, Far East, South Asia, Australia and Africa. IC&E is a leading conferences & exhibitions firm headquartered in Dubai, UAE, reputed for conducting high quality, industry-focused events which are truly international in scope and are supported/attended by key drivers of the industry. Since 1983, IC&E has adopted a proactive stance towards organizing and conducting large-scale trade shows that cater to key market niches, with a strong commitment to quality and service within its areas of operation.

Core Strengths

IC&E is credited with developing industry benchmark exhibitions in Dubai such as GETEX (the Gulf Education & Training Exhibition), OGS (the Arab Oil & Gas Show), the Arab Lab Show, the “Big 5” show, the International Coffee & Tea Festival, and the UAE National Barista Championship. IC&E's current portfolio of exhibitions caters to the Education and Training sectors, the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry, and the Coffee, Tea and Hospitality fraternity.

At IC&E, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals understand that the success of an event depends on thorough knowledge of its markets and the ability to accurately forecast trends that will govern demand. We are indeed "Committed to Your Success." Our exhibition programs are endorsed at the highest levels – each event has the patronage and support of key ministries and market lobbies in the host country.



Event Portfolio

Global education & training exhibition

The Gulf Education & Training Exhibition (GETEX) is the largest, most comprehensive forum for education, corporate training and career development in the Middle East. Committed to education in the UAE since 1983, GETEX has made its mark as the leading education and training event in the region and an integral part of the education industry itself. ICE brings this event to Dubai in conjunction with government patronage, with the quest towards making education a right of every child, raising standards of education dissemination, and providing students with a singular, focused platform where they are empowered to compare various study options available to them. Today, GETEX has a massive following from educators and industry professionals as well as learners, and it includes participation from international schools and colleges from all over the world, alongside the regionally located institutes.

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